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31 August 2011

PATAPHYSICS magazine & online includes: Interviews with Larry Clark: filmmaking & Ken Park, Paul Virilio: art & eugenics, Karl Jansen: ketamine & the near-death experience, Sylvère Lotringer: interviews & editing Semiotext(e) magazine, Timothy Leary: psychedelics in the City of Happiness & video arcades, Barney Rosset: Joan Mitchell, Grove Press, William Burroughs & living in a house designed by Pierre Chareau, Chris Kraus: Simone Weil, visions & writing, Krzysztof Wodiczko: the Homeless Vehicle project, Dave Hickey: Vegas, the Strip & painting, Tony Towle: Frank O'Hara & the early '60s in New York City, John Cage: new technology & non-intention, Mauro Baracco: the buildings of Aldo Rossi, Albert Oehlen: New Stream music & Martin Kippenberger, Teddy Goldsmith: ecological fascism, Gerald Murnane: Emily Brontë & Proust, Leon Golub: mutation & the faces of politicians … Poetry by David Shapiro, Charles Bernstein, Tory Dent, Paul Violi, Laura Mullen, Aaron Fogel, Charles North, Tony Towle … Texts by Alain Joxe: the rise of the Empire of Disorder, Bruce LaBruce: Fassbinder's Whity, Charles Patterson: Hitler's admiration for Henry Ford, Rudi Ketz: Peter Lindbergh's photographs of Eva Herzigova & Tico Torres, Paolo Virno: the Grammar of the Multitude … Fiction by Brian Aldiss, Michal Govrin, Sylvère Lotringer, Ranald White, Joyce Carol Oates … Projects by Peter Halley, Haim Steinbach, Brigitte Engler, John Hejduk, Howard Arkley, Mike Bidlo, Albert Oehlen, Arakawa & Madeline Gins, John Cage, Lucio Pozzi, Larry Clark … Responses to questionnaires on morality, death & autobiography from J.G. Ballard, Sarah Morris, Allen Ginsberg, Richard Kostelanetz, Achille Bonito Oliva, Carl Andre, Roger Zelazny, Hakim Bey, John Cage, Daniel Libeskind, Cedric Price, Peter Plate, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Evelyn Firchow, Bob Black, Peter Schjeldahl, Ange Leccia, Alex Katz, Bernard Heidsieck, Jay Kinney, Harry Zohn, John Giorno and others.

About PATAPHYSICS magazine:
Colliding science, ecology, architecture, publishing & social space, PATAPHYSICS contains interviews and rachat de credit, photography, theory, art projects, fiction & questionnaires. Each issue has a particular theme: the Holiday Resort issue, an extended 'travel brochure' for a hypothetical resort; the Pirate issue, an intervention with copyright & piracy; the Tile issue, a collection of responses from artists, writers & theorists to an international questionnaire on autobiography and their current projects; the Psychomilitary issue, a fragmentary meditation on the psychological dimension of the defended citadel. Within these themes, differing printing processes combine high- & low-tech. As an assemblage exploring the printed realm, PATAPHYSICS is a publishing venture moving through & questioning cultural definitions.

Leo Edelstein
Yanni Florence

Associate Editor:
Judith Elliston